On the Radar

28 Jan
Epiphany Noontime Concerts
Date Jan 28, 12 pm - 12 pm
2 Feb

Organ Recitals are performed on Sunday afternoons on Washington National Cathedral’s great organ and feature fine musicians from around the world.  A donation of $10 per person is suggested. No reservations are required, except for groups.

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Choose this option to place one ($60) or two ($100) online advertisements for employment, auditions, classes or workshops targetting classically trained singers, keyboard artists, music directors, and teachers.  

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Payment options:

1) CHECK / CREDIT CARD: Use the CONTACT LISA form to request an invoice with instructions for payment online via credit card or an address to mail in a check.

2) PAYPAL: Visit, fill in $60 or $100, and click "NEXT" to complete the transaction. 

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