Singer Source maintains an email database of known professional choral singers available for subbing in churches and as ringers for choral ensembles.   All singers in the choral database have been screened and with this in mind, it is expected that directors will contact Lisa should a singer not meet professional expectations.

A modest fee of $25 per singer per request is charged for this service and includes a consultation with Lisa in the event of multiple replies to a given email request.  If no singer replies to the request then no fee is charged.

Directors who have worked with Singer Source for a year or more find it most efficient to upgrade their membership to "Director Pro" to include unlimited consultation sub requests.  Directors at this level may also submit sub and sub list advertisments to be posted on the website.  (To clarify, Director Basic membership is only for advertising permanent positions)

To best faciliate requests for professional church subs and ringers it is expected that competative rates be offered.