The Director Pro membership serves clients wishing to advertise employment, auditions, classes or workshops to classically trained singers, keyboard artists, music directors, and teachers.  One year of active membership honors multiple ads to be included among those listed here.  In addition to (or instead of) placing a publically available online advertisement, directors may request that the Singer Source database of vetted singers and pianists be emailed privately, thus saving time when scheduling auditions and screening is not desired.  For this personal service to be effective, rates offered to musicians must be professionally competetive.  Please note: The Director Pro membership does not include email blasts.  To learn more about email blasts, please visit this link.

After payment confirmation, please CONTACT LISA to make arrangements for emailing your advertisment.  Your ad will be posted shortly thereafter.

Payment options:

1) To generate a fixed-rate annual renewal (currently $150), use the PayPal link below and select Advertise+Hire from the drop down menu.  

2) Use the CONTACT LISA form to request an invoice with instructions to either pay online or mail in payment.

3) Visit , fill in $150, and click "NEXT" to complete the transaction.

Thank you for your business and trust in my service.  Please let me know if you have any questions.